Our story

Our Journey & My Journey

This is a member driven community of families and organisations to provide a noticeboard of local events for those with additional needs.

We welcome participation from both individuals and organisations. Feel free to let us know if you hear of any events, or if you want to post a review, or ask a question.

Just simply join our Facebook group to access daily updates, our online calendar and much more.

Member Endorsements:

L.E: ” I had no idea what was available to us until this page. Some fantastic opportunities! Thank you”

D.S.: “Thank you for creating this, all in this together and sharing is caring”

Suzanne Ford, Founder: “My child was diagnosed at a young age and for a very long time we felt very isolated. Attempts to access general activities were seldom successful.  Things have improved dramatically and today there are far more inclusive and specific events. However, until now, there hasn’t been a centralised event specific “noticeboard” that we can quickly dip into, do a search and find results. 

I launched Sbanae as a Facebook group in October 2018, and since then it has evolved and is still evolving. Members from both families and organisations are keen to get involved and it has already been endorced by professionals in education, health and the third sector. 

Without us all working together, this would not be possible, so a massive thank you.”  

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